Z vami že od leta 1970 ~ G o s t i l n a

In the hinterland of Slovenian Istria,

Amid rolling green hills and landscape, as in the middle of the sea cliff inn stands Belvedur.

Come, sit in the shade of an old walnut bushy, on the terrace with a beautiful view of the river valley Dragonja entire Gulf, behind the scenes and boast Julian and Carnic Alps all the way to the Dolomites …

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Homestead, where you will experience nature and the flavors of rural Slovenian Istria.

It is worthwhile to check the goodness of our local cuisine, as we have the main ingredients for their care Malinski forest with its natural treasures and hardworking callused hands surrounding farmers.

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Due to a fairly isolated location, we have suitable restaurant cater for private functions.

Timely book a stay with us and build your own menu from the popular traditional Istrian cuisine. Optional and taking timely reservations, the menu is also a hint of the sea.

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L'estate sta volgendo al termine, il calore e diminuita e venuto il periodo, quando la locanda...